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I’ve been a shitty blogger lately, and I’m sorry.  The truth is that I have nothing interesting to say. 


I Never Claimed My Charms Were Typical

Do you ever have those weeks where you spend half your free time making stop-motion animation with donuts holes, and then you spend the rest of your free time feeling insecure about it?  Yeah, me too.

The stop-motion thing has been interesting because while most everyone agrees it’s impressive from a “Wow, I can’t believe you figured that out” perspective, I have also gotten a lot of darty eyed “Oh my God, Kate has finally lost it” reactions.   Sometimes I feel as if I am drifting off into some sort of crazy-single-lady-never-never-land, but then other times I feel like, screw it, at least I’m being creative.  I have no idea why I tend to connect my penchant for whimsical obsessions with some sort of invisible undateability, but I do, which is really a shame, because honestly, I want to believe that we live in a world where spending hours alone taking pictures of a donut hole with eyes somehow makes me more attractive.