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Hot Cat on Pillow Action

Img_0461This is my cat Trixie, a.k.a., The Bane of My Existence.  No, no, I kid- I love the little freak.  She was separated from her mother at an unusually early age and I believe that as a result she suffers from some sort of kitty autism.  She just ain’t right, that’s all I’m saying.  But I do my best to love her in spite of her social shortcomings.  One of her more amusing quirks is her infatuation with this orange pillow.  My friend Cally gave me two really fun pillows for my birthday last year.  You can’t see it in this picture, but they are really fuzzy and soft.  Anyway, Trixie’s love for the pillow is, well….um…..unnatural.  Not exactly sexual, but damn close.  She spends hours a day kneading and cuddling the pillow.  After lots of primping she will purr loudly and settle atop it’s fuzzy orange loveliness and sleep for hours at a time.  The funniest thing about her love is that there is an identical green pillow that she completely ignores.  My cat is a pillow racist.

It’s not easy being green. 

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