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Happy Days

So far, it has been a very good August.

View from Bald Mountian Ketchum, ID.  8/4/06

Sawtooth Mountains near Red Fish Lake, Stanley, ID.  8/10/06

Oregon coast near Manzanita, OR.  8/17/04

Yesterday, Ashley, Molly, Ellie, Amanda, Rowan and I piled into two cars and headed to the ocean.  We checked into the San Dune Inn in Manzanita and hit the beach.  So beautiful.  Manzanita is an adorable little beach community that is not too touristy.  We noticed an unusually high volume of lesbians in Manzanita, so many that we started to call the place Lesbanita.  Hee. 

Here is a funny series of pictures from the beach.  Amanda (aka Pretty) started taking pictures of Molly and I, and soon the entire brood was in on the act.  The last few pictures include Amanda even though she was also the photographer.  None of these pictures are particularly good alone, but when viewed all together they make me laugh.

Img_2418 Img_2419_1 Img_2420
Img_2421  Img_2422

Hooray for the beach!


On The Road Again

Goodbye Idaho,

Hello Portland.



…….is tricky business.


I drank too much at the orchestra party yesterday.  I had a great time last night, but now I have a headache.  I also have a low tolerance for all of the healthy, non hungover, athletic, sunny, hiker/biker/rower/joggers that inhabit this town.  Take a rest people.  Watch some television, have some carbs, BE LAZY.   

All I want to do today is eat candy and watch movies, but alas, I have no couch on which to lounge.

There is no place to be a slug in Sun Valley, Idaho.


In what might very well be the single greatest accomplishment of my life, today I hiked up Bald Mountain.  I am absurdly proud. I am such a star.

Granted, it took me four hours to get to the top.  To put this time in perspective:  Amy hikes Baldy in three hours, Bjorn hikes it in two, and the insane Doug jogs up in just under an hour.  But all of these people are physically fit and they all seem to enjoy exercising.  Me on the other hand, I am not fit, nor do I enjoy getting winded.  I figure I get extra points for my uncharacteristic moxie.

At about the half way point I was getting kind of scared that I wouldn’t be able to finish.  It is a five mile climb and 3200 foot elevation gain to the top of Bald Mountain.  Once you get your sorry butt up there, you can ride the ski lift down for free.  At 2.5 miles I knew I had a choice:  I could turn around and walk 2.5 miles down the mountain, or I could suck it up and walk 2.5 miles up the mountain.  I was reeeeal tired already. 

I was resting and pondering this decision when a woman jogged by me with a huge grin on her face.  She was probably thirty-five, absurdly fit and she was jogging up the mountain that was currently kicking my ass.  As she got closer I looked up from the ground pathetically and said,

"You are amazing." 

To which she replied with a beatific smile,

"No.  Just grateful."


That is a pretty good attitude.

Inspired, I picked my weary bones up off the ground and stumbled the remaining two and a half miles up Bald Mountain. 

I’m not going to lie to you, it was not an easy day.  I cried twice.  Once because of how insanely beautiful it was, and once because of how insanely out of my league I was.  I quickly learned that crying at high altitude while gasping from extreme exertion is a terrible idea.  I practically died from the lack of air. 

But, in spite of the difficulty getting all the way up, I made it!  I don’t care that it took me four hours or that I cried, I am so glad that I made it up Bald Mountain.


It turns out I like to hike.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.  In fact, usually I carefully avoid activities that might cause shortness of breath, as I don’t like to get winded. 

The thing is is that Sun Valley is so outrageously beautiful (I loooooove mountains) that it seems like it would be criminal not to hike.  The Idaho millionaires seem to really enjoy exercising (God forbid any of the society ladies get fat), and I have to admit that with a backdrop like this, exercising can be very enjoyable.  This place seems to encourage clean living.  I willingly got out of bed at 7:00am this morning so that I could hike and practice before my afternoon rehearsal.

Will wonders never cease?

Officer McCutiePants

Word to the wise: do not go even one mile over the posted speed limit in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Last night I got pulled over for going 42 in a 35mph zone.  Thankfully, I was pulled over by Officer McCutiePants who let me off with a charming warning.  I think it really helped that I was in the Symphony heading to the concert.

Sorry, officer. ;)