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This post is a total cheat and a rip-off because this picture was on cuteoverload just today, but I don’t care.  I love this picture.  I want to make sure you all see it just in case (despite my ardent pleading), you do not look at cuteoverload each and every day.

Smiling Sunset

Isn’t that a nice one?


Thank You, Cute Overload!

In an effort to properly observe Thanksgiving (and to fulfill my Nabglooteemoo requirements), I will be profile a few things I am thankful for over the next few days.  But fear not!  Oh For Fun will not transform into a misty-eyed shlock-fest.  You see, I am going to profile the frivolous things I am thankful for.  Food, websites, articles of clothing.  That kind of stuff. 

Let’s begin!

Cute Overload is honestly one of my very favorite things in the world.  Meg is consistently hilarious without being cheesy, which is quite remarkable when you consider the subject matter.  The other great thing about Cute Overload is that is focuses only on non-human cuteness.  No babies.  I think babies are cute and all, but they are pretty lame in terms of entertainment value.  So, without pandering, and without babies, Cute Overload manages to make me laugh and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside almost every day.  Thanks, Cute Overload!

Blog Crush of the Day!

Guess what?  The delightful Neil over at Citizen of the Month, has crowned me his "Blog Crush of the Day".  I know!  As far as I can tell, this is the most action I’ll be seeing in the near future, so I’m really quite excited.  Now, don’t worry loyal readers, my new (24 hour) title will not interfere with our relationship.  I’m still the same Kate I’ve always been, it’s just that now you’ll have to compete for my love! (at least until tomorrow when I return to groveling for your affection.)

Citizen of the Month is a charming combination of funny, sweet, and dirty.  I can highly recommend the Pigeon on the Patio series if you are looking for a laugh out loud, wistful-for-your-Dad, kind of experience.

Now that I think about it, that Neil has quite a racket going on here.  I have just devoted an entire post to him because he put "Oh For Fun" and "Crush" in the same sentence.   Clever.

Oh, My Heartstrings…

So sweet.

Holy Knut

This week in Knut News:
Posl14_knut0705This is a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio and Knut, chillin’ on some ice.   The cuteness here, as you can see, is, well, extreme.

Shalini sent me this picture in an email a few weeks ago (along with the hilarious caption, “Holy Knut”).

Honestly, I’m beginning to worry about Knut.  He’s growing up so quickly, and he’s running with a pretty fast crowd.  I’m just saying.  I don’t want to read about Knut in a few years, arrested for mauling his super model girlfriend.

If you go to Knut’s blog and click on the first video on the page, you will see outrageous footage of Knut and a couple of adult polar bears checking each other out through the glass.

Posl07_knut0705_4My crush on Knut’s handler, Thomas Dörflein is  growing.  I am now nearly as fascinated by him as I am by Knut.  Those boots, the ratty ponytail, the constant baby polar bear companion. It’s all very good.


For The Love Of Otters

I know, it is lame to continually regurgitate the posts from cuteoverload, but COME ON, these otters are reDONKulous.  I know, most of my readers also read cuteoverload, but I DON’T CARE.  On the off chance that the posting of this video will reach one set of fresh eyes, I present it to you today.  This video is so cute that I am convinced that its viewing will somehow make the world a better place. 

Make sure you watch the whole thing so you don’t miss the insanity of the otters lovingly reaching out to one another.

More Knut

Shalini sent me a link to Knut’s blog!0102081611100

I think it’s for the best that I don’t speak German.   If I could read Knut’s blog I probably wouldn’t do anything except read Knut’s blog.

I am oddly attracted to Knut’s surrogate polar bear father.  I don’t think I would be hot for that guy if I saw him on the street without a baby polar bear, but with a baby polar bear….hee.  Single fathers (of polar bears) are hot. 

That would be a really funny ad:

Voluptuous Violist Seeks Single Father (of Polar Bear)

I am a single, 31-year-old classical musician in search of a man (28-45) with a baby polar bear.  I like cooking, movies, cuddling, and playing with polar bear cubs.  I don’t want any polar bear baby momma drama, so please be responsible and financially secure.  I know that it is hard out there for a single parent.  I am looking to find a guy who enjoys laughing, traveling, and raising polar bears.