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Happy Birthday OboeKate!

On Saturday night in celebration of OboeKate’s (she’s OboeKate, I’m ViolaKate) 39th birthday, we went on an old fashioned pub crawl. I want to say something like, “I haven’t been on a pub crawl in X number of years…”, but the truth is, until Saturday I’d never been on a pub crawl. The pub crawl was new (and hilarious) territory.

On Allen St. in Buffalo there are probably twelve bars covering three blocks. I don’t think we hit every single one, but we came admirably close. In respectful deference to the long night ahead, I chose my poison carefully. I opted for Labatt’s Blue Light, Buffalo’s go-to cheap beer. This proved to be a very good choice indeed.

Here we are at the first bar. Perfectly sober and respectable.

Pub Crawl 1

I actually look pretty wasted in this picture. I’m not sure why. I guess I was just exuberant that night.

After Colter Bay, we headed over to Gabriel’s Gate. Nothing too interesting happened there. I think we were all just warming up to the idea of the crawl at this point. We’d all been at Gabriel’s many times, and no one felt compelled to photograph the experience.

Next up: Frizzy’s. Frizzy’s is an adorable name for a bar and I’d always wanted to go there, but in previous attempts I’d been deterred by the frat boys hanging out on the front landing. Not so on Saturday! We bravely trudged into Frizzy’s, and as expected, we were way older than the rest of the clientele. I did learn an important thing about myself in Frizzy’s, and that is that I no longer care what college kids think of me….at all. That was a pretty funny thing to discover, actually. We didn’t take any pictures there, but we did crawl into a photo booth and take one of those old fashioned strips of pictures.

After Frizzy’s we went to Sample and ate some tiny food (don’t ask), and we went to The Bend where we only stayed long enough for the smokers to smoke one cigarette.

Here we are looking fairly respectable still:

Pub Crawl 2

After The Bend, we crossed the street to some bar I don’t remember the name of but I really enjoyed. This is where the peak of the drunkenness occurred.

Looking slightly less respectable:

Pub Crawl 3

It was at about this time that Dinesh was expounding on the hotness of the St. Pauli girl, and I was telling the story about the time a soft spoken surgeon-to-be took a liking to me while I was living in Philly and OH MY GOD I SHOULD HAVE MARRIED THAT GUY.

We decided we needed some food. And not tiny food like they serve at Sample. We needed regular sized, greasy food. So we headed to New York Pizza.

New York Pizza is the only good pizza in town. The good news is that it really is tasty.

Pub Crawl 4

After New York Pizza we were all feeling a whole lot better as you can tell by this picture:

Pub Crawl 5

I really like how these pictures degenerate as the evening wears on. At this point we lost a few members of the crew. Dinesh, Jenn, and Dan took off like a bunch of weenies. Shieh-Jian, Kate, Ron, Ed and I soldiered on to a scuzzy gay bar where we took this oddly good picture. Look at how glamorous OboeKate looks!

Pub Crawl 6

And that’s when I bailed, but these crazy bitches went to The Old Pink and they ate breakfast at the Towne Restaurant. Impressive.

I wouldn’t recommend the pub crawl as a weekly activity, but it was definitely super fun with this crew. Due to my excellent pacing of the Blue Lights and food throughout the night, I wasn’t even hung-over the next day! Aren’t I a genius?

Happy Birthday OboeKate!


Baby Birds

I found a real gem of a picture in my computer today.

A few weeks ago Geoff had a little party.  As is likely to happen whenever my peeps congregate and drink alcohol, things degenerated quickly.   Somehow, that evening we all became preoccupied with throwing popcorn into the open mouths of our friends.  One person would toss popcorn into the air, and the other person would attempt to catch it in their mouth.  It was childish but very fun and extremely funny.  I imagine poor Geoff had quite a mess to clean up in the morning (but that’s what you get for inviting idiots like us into your home). 

Look at this hilarious picture of Hamod and Stefan waiting for the popcorn.


They look like baby birds.  Cranky little trombone birds.


I would just like to say that living without electricity is totally lame. 

The power outages in Buffalo are fairly random.  By my very unscientific calculations, I would guess that about eighty percent of Buffalo is without electricity.  It all depends on if a branch fell on your power-line.  I have no electricity because multiple branches fell on my power-line, but the restaurant across the street has full power. 

I’d like to offer my thanks and appreciation to the bartenders at Cecilia’s restaurant.  Tonight I wandered across the street and plugged my cell phone, ipod, and laptop into their outlets.  Thanks guys!   You didn’t have to let me do that, and I appreciate your good neighbor generosity.  I had a great time at Cecilia’s tonight.  Not only did I recharge all of my hardware, but I made friends with some fellow electrically-challenged Western New Yorkers. 

One of the things that you have to hate about Buffalo is the freaky weather, but one of the things you have to love about Buffalo is how everyone comes together during rough times.  I love that I can walk into a bar full of strangers, unshowered and cranky, and walk out with a couple of new friends and a solid wine buzz.  Buffalo may not be the most cosmopolitan place, but it sure is friendly.

On a totally unrelated note, I would like to say that I find it absurd that the electricity and my HEAT are connected.  I can accept that I will be living in darkness for four days, but the lack of heat is just retarded.  This is America for pete’s sake.  Stupid nature.

Spring 1997

Look at this picture taken during the 1997 Oberlin Commencement week:


This picture was taken during a party that our parents threw at our house the week we graduated from college.  We all look about twelve years old.  Look at my party outfit- it is a Saints t-shirt with the neck cut out.  Classy.  Please note that I am also wearing a huge plastic Santa Clause ring that I probably got out of a vending machine.   If we look stoned….well….the less said about that the better.  Commencement week was an exhilarating and traumatic time, and to make matters more interesting, suddenly our PARENTS were everywhere- there was no way of surviving sober.

This party is most memorable to me because it is the party where Courtney’s dad, when asked about my whereabouts, told my mother I was out for a smoke.  Thanks a bunch, Tom.  This was the first my mother had ever heard of her precious baby girl smoking cigarettes, and it didn’t go over too well.

Welcome to the real world, kiddo.

Amateur Night

Yesterday night I arrived in Minneapolis, the motherland. 

Tonight, I followed Aaron’s lead, and we ended up in a tiki bar.    It was a move we would soon regret- it turns out we are too old to drink sweet rum drinks out of pineapples.  There was a period of about a half hour when our entire party was unexpectedly drunk and slap happy, but it was downhill from there.  The hangover resulting from "The One Eyed Willy" (my potent poison) set in about five seconds after the drink was gone.   Sadly, by eleven-thirty we were all feeling weathered by the tiki bar experience and we were forced to surrender to bedtime. 

Don’t get me wrong, the night was not a waste.  There was lots of howling laughter.  We may have been drinking like amateurs, but we are seasoned professionals when is comes to having fun. 

Img_2498 Img_2507 Img_2501_1

Img_2495_2Here is a close up of the swizzle stick that came in my drink.  Tacky, but cute.


Tiki bar, you win.  I’m out like trout.


I drank too much at the orchestra party yesterday.  I had a great time last night, but now I have a headache.  I also have a low tolerance for all of the healthy, non hungover, athletic, sunny, hiker/biker/rower/joggers that inhabit this town.  Take a rest people.  Watch some television, have some carbs, BE LAZY.   

All I want to do today is eat candy and watch movies, but alas, I have no couch on which to lounge.

There is no place to be a slug in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Happy Birthday!

Img_1748Today is Eddie’s birthday.  Haaaaaaaaaaappy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay toooooooo yoooooooooooooouuuuuuu!

Here is a picture of Edmund in his favorite pose, non-cooperative. 

To celebrate, we ate delicious Thai food, followed by this incredible concoction.  This scrumptious beauty was created by the dessertedly talented, Ellen Barnum.Img_1740  I have never had a dessert quite like this one.  It’s a bunch of fruit piled on top of a big meringue disk.  It’s light, fluffy, and fantastic. 

Today is also Dashing Dave’s birthday.   Don’t work too hard on Sequoia today, Dave.  Take a load off, watch some basketball, and eat some White Chocolate Almond Joys.  (eww) 

Happy Birthday all around!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Janz’s race.  Mary, you will get your Spherey at Apple Hill.  Mom, in August.  Dan, I can’t believe you actually want a spherey, but a spherey you shall receive.    It is not too late to donate! is still ten dollars short of our $100 goal, so the next person who donates $10, gets a spherey-FOR HALF PRICE!   Also, Janz and I learned that another guy at work (Doug) is also participating in the race.   Apparently, Doug has raised $420.   We can’t let Doug win, so we have to raise another hundred bucks.  This race is only partially about curing cancer.  It is also about beating our coworkers in the race to prove that we have the better, richer, more generous friends.