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Hello, Oh For Fun! Lately I’ve been kind of missing you. I keep thinking of quirky little posts, things that are too broad or personal for my Sabres blog. Maybe I’ll see you around.


Woolen Fried Egg Sunday

I live very near to the Elmwood Strip so I wandered over to the art festival both days this weekend. Yesterday I just meandered around, but today I went to eat junk food and purchase “art”.

Here’s what I bought:

Fried Egg

It’s a felted fried egg made out of wool. It was three dollars.

Jeff and Dinesh think I overspent, but Robin and I agree that we’ve already squeezed 3 dollars worth of entertainment out of the egg. I carried it around the art festival like a trophy- that was pretty funny. I brought it home and lovingly photographed it- that was funny. I held it out for Charlotte, Robin’s dog, to smell and she took one dainty sniff and then gulped it up as if it were a REAL EGG- that was HILARIOUS. Then Robin and I had to wrestle it out of her locked jaw- that was side splittingly funny.


Watch it. She’ll snatch your egg.

Once we got the egg away from Charlotte, Robin hand washed it in the sink and then put it in the dish rack to dry- awesomely hilarious.

Fried Egg on Dish Rack

If you don’t think that’s kind of funny, you’re no friend of mine.

The egg promises to be at the center of hijinx for days to come. It was totally worth three dollars.