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Last Day!

Well, I had every intention of sitting down and writing something really good for the last day of NaBloPoMo, but the truth is, I am terribly stressed out right now.  Hopefully, the spazzy stressyness will go away after the weekend, and I will be back to my loosy goosy self very soon, but for tonight, I’m all jangley. 

I can’t believe I managed to post everyday in November.  It wasn’t always eloquent, but I did pull it off!



Oooh!  I almost forgot you again Nanbloohootoogppfroo!  I can’t November has already come and gone.  I’ll try to think of something good for tomorrow. 


I have about a half dozen of those 99¢ bags that Wegmans sells for groceries. You know, the kind that are supposed to cut down on all of the plastic bags. When I first started using them, I kept forgetting to bring them to the store with me, so every time I went grocery shopping I would buy a new one, and now I have way too many. You can fit a lot of groceries into each bag, and I am just one person, so I very rarely need more than one bag per trip.

I wonder how many plastic bags I have to not use in order to make up for the fact that eventually, even if I use these sturdy bags for the rest of my life, they too will end up in a landfill?

Eco Satan

Happy New Year!

A few years ago, on a New Years Eve concert, we did a whole show of Viennese waltzes. Waltzes have a fairly complicated system of repeats and Da Capos, and it is pretty easy to get lost if you’re not on your toes. At the end of this particular concert, after we played the final chords, we were supposed to shout “Happy New Year” in unison.  (I know, so cheesy.) Something went HORRIBLY wrong in the final number though. The brass took a repeat that the strings did not take, and we ended up more or less crashing to a halt instead of properly ending the show. I mean, we played three big loud chord-like crashes, but everyone was in the wrong place and freaking out. It was without QUESTION the single most disastrous moment I’ve been a part of as a professional. We ended the entire concert in a stunned silence.

I’ve always wanted to go back in time and be the one person in the entire orchestra who remembers to gleefully scream “Happy New Year!” after such a disaster. Now, at work, whenever something is going very very very badly, Janz and I wish each other a Happy New Year. The phrase “Happy New Year” has become synonymous with “this is a stupid plan and it’s not going to work.”

Because I’m Worth It!

I took this week off of work unpaid.  I have some practicey type stuff going on this week, and I just needed some time to chill out and not go to work.  I’ve never done this before; taken time off so that I can just do my own thing.  I’m going to be pretty broke in January as a result of this indulgence, but let me tell you, I am LOVING life this week.  Merry Christmas to me!

Savia’s Tattoo

Probably only the musicians in the crowd will understand the significance of the surprise at the end of this post.  This is a photo essay about getting a tattoo.  (Don’t worry, it’s not too gross.  Just a little gross.)  Milkmoney Or Not Here I Come, is one of those blogs that I really like but that I only check in on from time to time.  I almost scrolled past this entry when I realized it was about a tattoo (tattoos aren’t really my thing) but instead I decided to at least find out what she was getting inked on her body. 



I have been a professional violist for over ten years now. Somehow (SOMEHOW), I have managed to make it until tonight without playing The Nutcracker.  This is a truly unprecedented feat.  A violist going ten years without playing the Nutcracker is like a fireman going ten years without going to a car crash.  It’s insane. 

But tonight, the streak ended.  A colleague called in sick, and I got the call to fill in. 

It turns out the Nutcracker is pretty good!  Hee.