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I Never Claimed My Charms Were Typical

Do you ever have those weeks where you spend half your free time making stop-motion animation with donuts holes, and then you spend the rest of your free time feeling insecure about it?  Yeah, me too.

The stop-motion thing has been interesting because while most everyone agrees it’s impressive from a “Wow, I can’t believe you figured that out” perspective, I have also gotten a lot of darty eyed “Oh my God, Kate has finally lost it” reactions.   Sometimes I feel as if I am drifting off into some sort of crazy-single-lady-never-never-land, but then other times I feel like, screw it, at least I’m being creative.  I have no idea why I tend to connect my penchant for whimsical obsessions with some sort of invisible undateability, but I do, which is really a shame, because honestly, I want to believe that we live in a world where spending hours alone taking pictures of a donut hole with eyes somehow makes me more attractive.


Scared of Ladies

Sid, while being highly successful and attractive, is deathly afraid of women.  He clams up every time he meets a pretty girl, and Crunchy is always there to witness his humiliation.

This video is super frustrating because the leading lady’s head got cut off in the frames when I downloaded the pictures into imovie.  I didn’t have the heart to retake all of the photos, so this clip is being released in spite of its obvious technical shortcomings.

Poor Fella

Even though this video was edited with subtle deference to the hilarity of the situation, I think this story is actually real.  Poor cow.  Hee.

[livevideo id=C27D390A0B89428DAB11D9C2B75CBB31/238403/cow-rescued-from-pool.aspx]
Cow rescued from pool

Sid and Crunchy

Sid and Crunchy meet.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I made this.  It only took me twelve million hours. 

It’s Non-Controversial Links Day!

1. Hey look at this! An artist named Tim Knowles made art by attaching pens to the branches of trees. I love the pictures of the trees holding onto their pens in front of their easels. They look so sweet!

painting treetree painting

I love these.

2. Will someone please tell me why I think this is so damn funny. (click on the video to see the funny bit)

3. And finally, in an obvious effort to reestablish myself in the good graces of my beloved Cousin Mary, I offer this flickr set entitled “Atrocious Apostrophe’s”.

Eff This

Fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck FUCK! Fuuuuuuuck Frickity fuck fuck.


I have a confession to make.  When I started Oh For Fun, I made a conscious decision not to use the word "fuck".  Now, this is a slightly odd line to draw because although I try not to swear in front of babies and old people, in real life I don’t really censor myself in the potty mouth department.  When a situation calls for a hearty, "FUCK THAT", I am not shy about getting the job done.  I feel that swearing, while not attractive or good per se, is also not the worst thing in the world.  But still, I saw no reason to use the F-word on my blog, and I knew I had a few people reading who might not be aware of all of my heathen ways, so I decided to take the ladylike route and refrain from dropping the F-bomb in a blog for all the world to see.

When I first started Oh For Fun, I found the word "Eff", (particularly when spelled out e-f-f) to be sufficiently amusing to replace "fuck".  For awhile, I actually preferred "eff" to its more colorful counterpart, but time has been rough on my once beloved "eff".  I’m sick of eff.  It’s no longer amusing.  Everytime I use the word "eff" I feel stifled and I think to myself, "Fuck, eff."

So, today I cast aside the shackles of eff.  Hence forth (and from now on), "Fuck" is fair game here at Oh For Fun.  I can no longer live a lie.