On The Phone With Mike

Mike: Kitty, you should go see 300.

Kate: Eww.  No.  That movie is for boys.  It looks horrible.

Mike: Yeah, it might be the most offensive movie I have ever seen.

Kate: I actually don’t know much about it. 

Mike: It’s both homophobic and homo-erotic. 

Kate: Hmm, that sounds intrigui-

Mike: Also, it’s totally racist.  I was rooting for the bad guys the whole time.

Kate: It looks pretty violent.  I’m not much into extreme violence these days.

Mike: No, Kitty you’ll love it.  Just approach it like you approached Stargate.  If you can love Stargate, you can love 300.

Kate: I don’t know, I was pretty high when we went to see Stargate.  Plus that was like, ten years ago.  I don’t smoke weed anymore.

Mike: Yeah, that’s good.  You really should not see 300 on drugs.  It is so incredibly offensive.  You HAVE to see it.

Kate: Well, if it’s not too violent….

Mike: Oh, at least half of the movie is decapitations.  It’s super violent.

Kate: ………

Mike: Maybe you should wait until it comes out on DVD so that you don’t end up hating me for recommending this movie. 

Kate: Or maybe I should just never see it?

Mike: Yeah, maybe. 


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