Fat Snow

It was snowing when she left for work this morning.  Big, beautiful flakes of heavy snow fell noiselessly all around.  It was gorgeous, and it made her feel peaceful as she trudged to her car.  She paused, and took a moment to appreciate the morning.

It was right then, while she was trying to appreciate the morning, that a fat snowflake landed directly in her eye. 

It was surprisingly unpleasant- just one small degree away from painful.   She audibly gasped and had to stop to rub her eye, and blink a few times.  Almost immediately, another heavy snowflake slammed directly into her other eye.  How absurd!  Assaulted, by snow.

"Stupid fat snow" she said out loud as she climbed into her car.


1 Response to “Fat Snow”

  1. 1 Pretty February 26, 2007 at 12:19 pm

    Stupid fat snow. Are you in Audition land, Kitty? Good luck!

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