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One thing I never thought I would become, is a person who likes to cook.  For the last several years I have dabbled in the kitchen, but recently I have been putting real thought and planning into my meals.  I’m certainly no gourmet, but I’m improving.  I no longer attempt to cook exclusively with the burners on full blast.  I finally learned how to cook rice.  Best of all, I am no longer deathly afraid of raw meat and its juices.

In comparison to my former self, I’m practically Julia Child.

Look at her there, isn’t she cute with that big old fish?

Strangely, blogging has played a major role in my transformation from cooking moron to cooking novice.  I have started peeking in on food blogs and I have to say, I like what I see.  Orangette and Smitten Kitchen are my favorites.  I still check in on the first food blog I ever saw, but it is a lot more dessert oriented that I could ever dare to be. (However, Ellen B. you would love Milk and Cookies).  This one is great, but it makes me want to buy expensive kitchen stuff.

The great thing about food blogs is that all of the recipes get tested by the readers.  There is nothing more annoying than a bad recipe, or a recipe that simply doesn’t work.    Now, when I see something that looks like it might be tasty, I can click on the comments and see how other readers enjoyed the meal.   Comments provide a vital extra layer of help for a beginner like myself. 

The best thing about cooking is that my apartment often smells very cozy- like a good home should.

"Life itself is the proper binge"- Julia Child


1st Blorthday

Hey!  Guess what today is?!  It’s Oh For Fun!’s first blorthday!

Here is a link to my very first post.  Reading some of my very early posts reminds me that I should take more pictures. 

I can’t believe I have been doing this for a year.  Writing this blog has been truly wonderful.  When I started Oh For Fun! I never would have predicted how deeply blogging would entrench itself it my life.  I have demonstrated a devotion to blogging that surpasses almost all other previous devotions.  I am a flighty girl, with a short attention span- that I have managed to make it a year is nothing short of amazing.

Here’s to blogging!

Fat Snow

It was snowing when she left for work this morning.  Big, beautiful flakes of heavy snow fell noiselessly all around.  It was gorgeous, and it made her feel peaceful as she trudged to her car.  She paused, and took a moment to appreciate the morning.

It was right then, while she was trying to appreciate the morning, that a fat snowflake landed directly in her eye. 

It was surprisingly unpleasant- just one small degree away from painful.   She audibly gasped and had to stop to rub her eye, and blink a few times.  Almost immediately, another heavy snowflake slammed directly into her other eye.  How absurd!  Assaulted, by snow.

"Stupid fat snow" she said out loud as she climbed into her car.


In order to get myself to practice scales I have to play them while watching Veronica Mars.

Sound off.  Closed caption.

I think this is better than no scales at all, but honestly, I’m not so sure.

Inspector Gadget



Not to be too obnoxious or anything, but I wanted to make sure you knew my blorthday is coming up.  Most bloggers go with the term Blogiversary, but I prefer calling it my Blorthday (rhymes with Glorthday) Oh For Fun’s Blorthday is on the 27th although tradition dictates that you can send a gift up to a month past the actual date.  The first blorthday is an important day in the life of a youngish woman.  I wouldn’t want you feel bad because you failed to properly celebrate my special day.

Just a friendly reminder. 

My Wish List

Thanks Guys!

Thank you to everyone who responded so positively to my last post.  I have been thinking thinking thinking and I believe I have come up with a few concrete ways to make my audition preparation more gentle. 

Twice in my life I have actually enjoyed the experience of taking and preparing for an audition.  The first time it happened was for the job that I won, Buffalo.  The second time that it happened was for the Met Opera orchestra, which I didn’t win, but I still consider it one of my most successful auditions.  There is no doubt that I play better when I am happy. 

A long time ago, Ashley suggested to me that perhaps my potential as a human being far exceeds my potential as a violist.   I find this to be an incredibly soothing idea.

I’m not going to find what I’m looking for at an audition.  Thank God.