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And Baby Makes Three!

Janz and Ellen’s precious tax deduction bundle of joy was born at 9:45am, December 31st!


Meet Lucas the Wise, seen here feeling somewhat apprehensive about his new life outside the womb (tough breaks kiddo).  Janz’ sister took this picture on her cell phone and it is the only one I have.  I hope it is not rude to post it without the proud parents consent, but look how cuuuute!  Even when he’s cranky!  I will soon have a more formal portrait, but for now, here he is, unedited.


Birthday: December 31st, 2006
Weight: 7lbs 10oz
Height: 5’2
Sign: Capricorn
Likes: Being born, Ellen, Janz, womb-like swaddling, naps, gangsta rap
Dislikes: Being born, bright lights, open spaces, phonies

Mother and son are both healthy and recovering well.  Congratulations guys!  He is beautiful and fabulous.  Love, love, love!


Happy New Year!

In celebration of the New Year, I offer you my very favorite YouTube discovery of 2006. 

Please enjoy this hilarious song by Bert and Ernie.  I have watched this over and over again, and it always makes me laugh.  I honestly think that this is hi-LAR-i-ous, comedic brilliance.   Ernie’s silliness with Bert’s exasperation is a time tested combination, but I feel that this clip is an usually nuanced gem.  Ernie and Bert’s performances are nothing short genius.

Get to know this song.  Love it.  This song has crept into my consciousness in the most awesome way.  I sing it too myself all the time.  Any of my future boyfriends, husbands, children, pets, roommates, life partners, caretakers, or cell-mates can expect to be tortured serenaded with this song (complete with my original dance routine).


Be safe tonight.

I hope the New Year brings you love, joy, peace, laughs, and mountains of riches!

Eve Eve

I find myself without compelling plans this New Years Eve. 

I love New Years.  I love the symbolism of a brand new year, and I
love the annual surge of hope the holiday brings.  I have never dwelt
too much on my actual New Years Eve plans.  Most years I have found
myself hunkered down with a group of friends at a party, or happily gallivanting about town in impractical shoes.  This
year finds me in a very new mood.

This year I just feel….quiet. 

I think I am going to stay in this New Years Eve.   I am probably going to lounge around in my slippers and my wearable blanket.   I think I am going to sip wine and watch an entire season of the Gilmore Girls.  I might do a puzzle.  I’ll yammer on the phone.  I’ll ponder my resolutions. I will definitely eat something delicious.  I’ll putter around the apartment, go to bed early, and then start my New Year without a hangover.

Am I crazy, or does that sound awesome?

I guess I do have compelling plans for New Years Eve.

Happy Place



Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers, Together At Last

You know that feeling when somebody is playing with your hair, and somehow the sensation zones you out in a kind of pleasant, happy way?

That is how Bob Ross makes me feel.

I once heard a comedian say that watching Bob Ross is like taking a quaalude.

If you don’t have the patience for watching this entire clip, may I highly suggest that you fast forward to the part where he paints pine trees like some sort of hippie-pine-tree-painting-wizard.  Seriously, the man was touched by the pine-tree-painting Gods.

When I was a child I didn’t even like Mr. Rogers all that much-  I thought he was for babies.  The thing is, despite my early efforts at stoicism, Mr. Rogers’ feel good message totally sunk into my subconscious.  Check out this amazing clip from the end of his life.  If this doesn’t move you, well, then you are made of stone.

That man brainwashed me.  Hearing his voice say, "I like you just the way you are" activates the three-year-old in me, the little one who watched Mr. Rogers, and never once doubted that I was just right. 

SkyMall Magazine Makes Me Laugh

Oh, SkyMall.

What will you think of next?

These Lighted Slippers are awesome.  I’m getting some for Apple Hill.  In the dark woods these slippers will be fashionable, and not at all creepy.


And, oh, sweet heavens, how I love The Wearable Blanket.


(It’s so not a robe.)

Can’t you just imagine me, lounging around the apartment in my lighted slippers and my wearable blanket? 

Sexy is my middle name.


There are many wonderful things about traveling, but one of the most magical things is the possibility of seeing a truly spectacular sunset from the window of a plane.   

Twice in my life I have been unexpectedly and totally awed by a sunset from a plane.  During my plane‚Äôs ascension out of Atlanta today, I was treated to one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen.  It was one of those miraculous cloudless sunsets, where the colors blend perfectly up into the night sky.  I sat transfixed in my seat, filled with gratitude for the site.  Everything seemed to stand still in my mind, and then, with the gentle hum of the engine carrying us into the night, the plane started to fill with cozy darkness.  I am not one to romanticize flying, but occasionally, with the help of a sunset, I find the experience utterly breathtaking.   

It is wonderful to find a few moments of peace, flying high in the air, suspended blissfully between earthy concerns and heavenly space.