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Just Try

A few years ago my friend Emma told me a great story. 

A publicist had been sent to pick her and her employer up and drive them an hour to a bookstore outside of Manhattan.  Neither Emma or her employer had ever met this woman before.  She was a total stranger sent to drive them to a book signing.   

Something you should know about Emma is that she is the type of woman who always has to pee.  You can’t go anywhere with her because you spend half your day looking for a bathroom.  (Luckily, she is hilarious and fun and pretty much totally effing awesome.  The peeing thing is worth it.)

As they were getting ready to leave the apartment, the woman asked if anyone had to go to the bathroom.  Apparently time was short and there was no good place to stop on the way.   Emma said no, she didn’t have to go.  Then this woman, this total stranger, somehow intuited that Emma was going to be trouble in the bathroom department.  After Emma had just said she didn’t have to go, this woman looked her dead in the eye and said "Just try".

When Emma tells the story she explains that her initial reaction to being told like a toddler to "just try", was blind rage, but the anger almost instantly dissipated into compliance.  When she got into the bathroom she realized that she did infact have quite a bit of pee in her, and thank goodness she tried.  There is no way she would have made it to the bookstore without stopping.

I tell this story because it reminds me of my experience with NaBloPoMo.  I do not think I am a post-every-day kind of girl, but I have been surprised at how many times this month I sat down at the computer with no idea of what I was going to write, and then came away with something I actually kind of liked.  Don’t get me wrong, not everyday was a winner. There were some truly pathetic posts.  I am glad to be rid of the burden of the daily post, but my motto from now on is "Just try".

Sometimes we are not the best judge of when we have to blog/pee.


Today Is The Day

I have a very busy day ahead of me and very little sleep behind me.  I am hoping the free hug guy is standing outside my apartment when I leave today….maybe today is the day.

Look at this laughing baby.


Mr. Blob

Remember a few days ago, when I told you Dan had started a blog?  Yeah….that was a lie.  That was only one of my super hilarious faux-blogs.  Look out internet, because Mr. Blob is now in action.  For reals. 

In other news, I am almost done with the baby blanket that has been ruining my life for the last two months.  Stupid babies.

Seventies PBS

I was just sitting here trying to think of something, anything to post about when I remembered, "Sweet merciful heavens, it’s PBS Monday."

The first clip is from the Electric Company.  I like this clip for two reasons.  First, I really dig the little song.  Second, I enjoy this clip because it would never run on current children’s television.  Girls are no longer allowed to be competitive with one another, especially about physical appearance.  Current psychology would suggest that cartoons like this lead directly to eating disorders.  I agree, there is something a little twisted about this clip….but I still like it.  My mother raised me to have an iota of self esteem, so I am able to watch this clip AND refrain from purposefully throwing up my dinner.   You, on the other hand, might want to be careful.  Don’t watch this dangerous clip if you have ever felt sad or unattractive. :)

I really wanted to show you a clip from the days of Sesame Street when Big Bird was the only one who could see Snuffy.  As a child I always thought it was very funny when Snuffy disappeared just as the adults were showing up.  Snuffy became "real" in the mid-eighties when it was decided that he was teaching that adults wouldn’t believe kids if they talked about being sexually abused.  I have searched high and low on YouTube, but the old days of Snuffleupagus have been eradicated from the public record.

Instead of Snuffy here is a cranky goat.


Snow0929Due to a fortunate twist of fate I was rotated off of our performance of The Nutcracker this weekend.  It is not that I would have minded playing The Nutcracker, but it was really awesome to have the weekend off to relax and catch up on practicing.  Not having to play also provided the rare opportunity to attend a performance by my orchestra.  This afternoon I went to see The Nutcracker, and I loved it!  The production was very beautiful and the dancers were great.  It was wonderful to see the little girls in the audience enjoying the performance in their fancy Christmas dresses.  I found myself surprisingly enthralled by the magic of the show. 

I have spent the evening pirouetting around my apartment.   Perhaps I missed my calling.


New Blogs

Some of you may have noticed that I have started a slew of new blogs.  For some reason I think it is hilarious to create new blogs with absurdly specific themes.  This is undoubtedly just a phase.  Fear not, this phase shall pass.  I don’t know why I get stuck on these silly ideas, but I do.  This is how I roll.  You are just going to have to trust me on this one: hyper-specific blogs are HILARIOUS.

If you’re bored, check out my new blog:

Just go with it people.

Turkey Makes Me Sleepy



I was going to do a whole big long post about Thanksgiving  but I’m still too tired from all that turkey.  If you want the real story, check out my new blog.