Img_0176_1 This one is tricky and sad.  I don’t know if Trixie and I can continue living together.   I have raised Trixie from a tiny kitten and we love each other very much, but lately I have been thinking that perhaps there is a better home for her out there somewhere.  One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made is not adopting two kittens when I adopted Trixie.  I would get her another cat, but I think Trix is too stuck in her ways to handle a sibling with grace.  She is so lonely when I leave town and she has such a hard time with strangers.  What Trixie needs most is an owner who travels less.  I am out of town about 8-10 weeks a year.  One of the nagging worries I had about Norway was Trixie.  What on earth would I do with Trixie if I won the job and moved to Norway?  It made me realize that I should begin looking for a good home for her now, so that I can take my time and find her a great new situation.  I feel strongly that I will be moving out of the country someday.  I want to give Trixie the best possible chance to bond to someone new while she is still pretty young (she is three).  Trixie is intensely attached to me.  I have been doing a little research and have learned that cats can reassign their attachment to a new human when ownership changes while the cat is still reasonably young.   So without further ado, Internet, I offer you my precious friend Trixie.

Things About Trixie

Img_0164_1 – She is amusing, that is for sure!  Trixie routinely makes me laugh out loud with her antics.   I have never had a cat with so much personality.   She is talented at amusing herself with various toys.  She does this great routine where she sits on one of her toys for a few seconds and then leaps into the air pretending that she just discovered a dangerous beast under her butt.   

– She is extremely cute and cuddly in the morning.  I regularly wake up to Trixie’s furry face resting on the pillow next to me.  She likes to watch me while I sleep, which is more than I can say for most of the boyfriends I have had. 

– All stories of her attacking and pooping in bad places have been greatly exaggerated for comic effect.  Her litter box issues seem to be completely behind us and were caused because we used to live in an apartment where a previous pet had had accidents on the wall to wall carpet. (and even while still in that apartment we got the situation under complete control) While Trixie can be volatile with grabby strangers, she is totally docile with me. 

– I am certain that Trixie can learn to love another.  I am pretty great, but I am not the best person ever.  Trixie just doesn’t realize how many other fabulous people there are in the world.  Once she meets a few patient new friends, she will realize that she wasted her youth on an asshole like me. 

Img_0175_1 I don’t know what to say.  If you (or anyone you might know) would be interested in taking a chance on  a slightly neurotic, but ultimately lovable furry friend, please get in touch with me.  Also, if anyone has any good ideas on how to go about placing my slightly used cat in a good home, please contact me.  I will drive her to almost any location for the promise of a loving home.  I have this dream of Trixie living on a beautiful farm where she can play outside and chase bugs until she is too tired to stand.  It breaks my heart to think of not having her greet me every time I come home, but I really believe she deserves a more consistent home than I can provide.   I’m so sorry Little Friend!


3 Responses to “Trixie”

  1. 1 ashley May 9, 2006 at 11:40 am

    Pretty found a loving home for her cat on craigslist i think. is that true pretty? AND he went to live on a farm.

  2. 2 pretty May 9, 2006 at 12:00 pm

    Kitty, I had to do a similar thing with my beloved Miguel. It took me 9 months to finally go through with it, but I knew he would be happier to live on a big patch of land. I did list him on Craigslist and found a loving wonderful family. good luck with that. I know it is hard, but Trix will give you some kind of sign that it is the right thing to do, I bet.

  3. 3 LKA May 9, 2006 at 7:59 pm

    Hey I just got your e-mail. I am so glad you had a great trip to Norway. I’ve been thinking about you. The last few weeks have been hectic…so now about Trixie. You know I love her and would love to find her a new home. I think she would flourish on a farm. My mother is allergic to cats and I am a part owner now to a non-cat-loving Aero and I’m afraid he won’t be too hip to the idea…. so I’ll put a post up for the farm people of JCC and see what happens. All the best. xoxoxox talk to you soon GO SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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