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Dog Day

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Today I walked up Elmwood Ave from my apartment to my bank, and I tried to take a picture of every dog I met along the way. I would say the route is about a half mile round trip. Most of the owners tried to make their dogs sit for the camera, but very few dogs complied. It is pretty hard to take a picture of a squirmy dog.

dog5 dog9 dog1

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I don’t think I would ever want to own a dog, but I would like to walk one from time to time. Dogs are funny. Most people seemed very happy to let me take a picture of their dog. I tried to imagine what would happen if I had done this same thing only with babies instead of dogs, and I had to laugh. If I started asking random people if I could take a picture of their baby, I would probably be arrested. But with dogs the folks were all, “Eh, sure.”

Not that this was a competition, but here is the winning dog. His name is Jonezie. Granted, he had an advantage because he is just a puppy, but still, he blew his competition out of the water. Plus, he sat down and posed for the camera like a professional.




Img_1027Spring has finally arrived in Buffalo. One of the perks of living in such a harsh climate is that when it finally warms up everyone in town is in a good mood on the exact same day. It feels a bit like a miracle to step outside on a day like today. Everyone is smiling, including the dogs and the babies. I wandered up and down Elmwood taking pictures of strangers without their permission, and most people just smiled at me patiently. I also took my bike out for a spin. I love my bike. It is called “The Free Spirit”, it says so right on the side.

I live about a block away from a private girls high school. At about three o’clock the streets are teeming with kids. On my way home from my bike ride I spotted a group of about ten teenage girls jogging towards me. They must have been a track team or something. They looked so sweet jogging and laughing with their ponytails swinging. I tried to take a picture of them as they jogged by, but they got distracted by my camera. The next thing I knew I was taking posed group shots of them. One of the girls asked if they were going to be in the Buffalo News. I told them “yes” just to hear them whoop.

Img_1046 Img_1047_1

So cute and wholesome.

Thumbs Up

I feel compelled to make a few recommendations:

Img_1015_4 If you want to chill the eff out, have a hot bath with Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath.   According to the bottle, it is clinically shown to help calm and relax you while you bathe- and you can believe the hype.  I get relaxed just looking at the bottle.    Aveeeeeno, take me away.

PostitcatIf you want to snicker at cats in humiliating situations, visit   It is pretty much my new favorite thing.  It’s just pictures of various things stacked on cats.  I say "just", but what I really mean is, IT’S AN ENTIRE WEBSITE OF CATS WITH CRAP STACKED ON TOP OF THEM!



My third and final recommendation for today is this:

If you see some meatloaf with a side of peas, eat it.  Do not hesitate.  Just go ahead and eat the meatloaf.  You will not be sorry.



I am not sure I have ever felt as restless as I do lately.  These days I feel like my life is an exercise in patience.   Waiting for Spring, waiting for the perfect audition, waiting to meet a guy.   


I have always believed that in order to take big steps forward in life, you have to be happy where you are.  And so I have worked on being happy, here and now.   I know I have enough, which is why it is hard for me to admit that I want more. 

I want to feel stimulated by my life.  I can feel myself getting too comfortable and too lazy. 

I want more.

So my big idea is to move to Europe- which is kind of ridiculous.  I have only been to Europe once, for an audition.  I don’t speak any languages other than English.  I am sort of the typical American. 

I don’t know how well I would do in a foreign country, but I want to be surrounded by another culture and another language.  I want to immerse myself in challenge.  I want to explore my own limits.  I want to be really tired at the end of the day.

I don’t think I should wait anymore. 

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We’re Not That Lame

Img_0964_3Remember this?  Well, hold on to your hats Buffalo, because tonight is the night that the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra plays the music of Led Zeppelin.  The orchestra has pulled out all the stops for this one.  Cover band?  Check.  Complicated lighting?  Check.  Sold out house?  Check.  We have spared no expense in bringing you the optimal Led Zeppelin cover band experience. 

We are talking smoke machines, people.

This show is cool.  The band is awesome, the lead singer sounds exactly like Robert Plant, and the music sounds right with a full orchestra.  The music of Led Zeppelin is heavily orchestrated anyway, so they didn’t have to change too much too play it with an orchestra.

Img_0945 Img_0935 Img_0929_1

I think this show is great.


Amelie and I have a joke about how we sometimes feel defensive about what we do, and the lengths to which we will go to prove that "we are not that lame".   We think it is funny to acknowledge that our music doesn’t necessarily appeal to the cool kids.  We are not that lame.  The sad thing is that there is nothing lamer than attempting to prove you are not lame. 

Of course, I do not actually believe that classical music is lame.  I love it.  I feel so fortunate to do what I do, and I feel so grateful to everyone who supports our orchestra.  A lot is said about the lack of young people at our classical concerts, but I think that maybe classical music is just a taste people cultivate later in life.  I have got absolutely no problem with that. 

But, the Led Zeppelin show is actually cool

And we are not that lame!


Here are two non-Diet Coke related things to ponder:

Q: Who is better than this guy?


A. Nobody.


I took this picture of a pipe organ today.  I’m not sure why, but it makes me happy.  It think I like it because of the clock.  The clock looks like it belongs in a fifties diner, and yet it looks so good stuck to a pipe organ.   There was a glowing clock like this in the Apollo movie theater in Oberlin, Ohio.  I liked being able to see the time while watching a movie. This is my favorite picture (of a non human) I have taken so far.

The People vs. Diet Coke

No_diet_coke_4I want to drink it again, I really do.  Now that my camera is fully recovered without any permanent damage, my resolve to hate Diet Coke is weakening.  I have not had any Diet Coke in two days, which could be the longest I have gone in several years.  Life without Diet Coke is frightening and far less refreshing. I really need it.  Bad.


I have always felt slightly guilty about my Diet Coke addiction.  I am also addicted to food, coffee, and crack cocaine.  Do I really need an addiction to a soda?  My heart say yes, but my sense of decency says no.   I feel as if the universe was trying to tell me something with the constant pool of Diet Coke in my purse.  Two spills?- yeah I am a knucklehead.  Three spills?  I dunno, it just feels like some sort of sign from above.   Why would God want me to quit drinking Diet Coke?  I have no idea, but frankly I’m not sure I want to find out.   

Those of you who know me well know that I am prone to this sort of retarded philosophical whimsy.   It is easier for me to commit to the idea that God wants me to quit drinking Diet Coke than it is for me to commit to something sensible, like taking a vitamin everyday. 

Maybe I should stop boycotting Diet Coke and start officially boycotting vitamins.