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I Heart the Viola

Today Amelie and I had a long conversation about our musical goals. I love talking to Amelie about music because she has a very pure desire to play beautifully. Now I am all inspired to fill the world with pretty sounds. It is nice to remind myself from time to time that playing the viola isn’t a collection of degrees, jobs, and accolades. For me, music is an expression of the things I don’t know how to say.

smily Claras

I am cheesy today. Full of cheese and viola love. Cheers, Amelie! Tomorrow is Fat Wednesday!


Oh for Cute!

Here is how I felt this morning when the alarm went off- only a LOT less cute.



Trixie 1Welcome to my new, sure to be moronic, blog! Courtney has one, and Ashley has one, so of course I got jelly and had to have one too. I’m not sure what my angle will be with this blog. Right now I’m thinking it will be a slow-decent-into-crazy-cat-lady kind of thing. Or maybe not so slow. At any rate, you now have a front row seat to my most ego-maniacal project yet- Oh For!

The good news is that I bought a sexy new Canon A620 digi cam so that you, gentle reader, can actually witness the magic that is my life. The bad news is that I got all cocky and thought I could figure out Movable Type. Um, no. My ass is back where it belongs, at Typepad.

Just so that you can adequately understand the sacrifices I have already made for the good of the Internet, here is a small sampling of the things I should have done tonight instead of attempting to make my banner look cute:

violaDaria televisiondishes


Relax Courtney, I did the dishes.

clean dishes